Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What golfer or restroom enthusiast wouldn’t love this awesome Potty Putter Bathroom Kit, but um, seriously, he’s your Dad.  And he deserves better.

Make sure your Dad knows how much you appreciate him.  Remember all those years he helped you with your homework, loaned you money you promised to pay back, and gave you all that unsolicited advice you really didn’t want to hear at the time but looking back, shaped you into the amazing person you’ve become today? Yeah, you remember.  Get advice and suggestions from your family and pick out the perfect gift for the most important man in your life.

Chatalog Father's Day

Start a Chatalog with your family and get Dad the perfect gift!

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What to get Mom for Mother’s Day

Moms are just the best aren’t they?  So stop giving Mom a gift that she has to awkwardly find a way to thank you for and then proceed to tuck away in the attic. Get Mom a gift she actually wants.  Not sure what she wants?  Start a Chatalog with your family and pick out the best gift…together.  Because Mom deserves it.

Mother's Day Chatalog


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Try out the new Chatalog!

We’ve listened to your suggestions, comments and ideas and are excited to release the newest version of Chatalog.  You’ll notice a new layout and different feel with an easier way to view all the items you’ve added.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Chatalog list page


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Valentine’s Day

Why do people waste time trying to get significant others the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?  Nobody knows them better than their BFFs so why not ask them for help and ensure you come out a winner.

Start a Chatalog and invite your significant other’s best friends to give you gift suggestions.  They’ll do all the work, you’ll get all the credit!


Any purchases made through Chatalog through February 13th will get a 5% cash reward!*

Start a Valentine’s Day Chatalog before it’s too late!

Vday Chatalog

*purchase must be through a qualifying merchant. For more info, see terms and conditions.

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Super Bowl Party Time

Whether your team is still “in it to win it” or not, a Super Bowl party’s success is often determined by the party!  Make sure you have everything you need before the big event.  Start a Chatalog with your friends to make sure all is accounted for!

Super Bowl1Shop Awesome.  Together.

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You and your friends can add products

Now that you’ve created a Chatalog, you and your friends can start adding products and suggestions to your Chatalog.  You can go to any retailer’s website and simply hit the CHATALOG button in your Bookmarks Bar whenever you want to include a product, add a comment, or invite more friends.  Simply hit the “home” icon from here to go back to the webpage.

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Start a shopping session and invite friends

Now that you’re ready to start shopping, create a Chatalog.  Hit the “+CREATE NEW” button, name your Chatalog, include the friends you want to add to the Chatalog, and add a special message to send your friends with details on what you’re looking for:


Add the CHATALOG button

You need to make sure that you have added the CHATALOG button to your browser’s bookmarks bar.  This will let you add products from any website to your Chatalogs as well as start new ones, chat, and invite friends by simply hitting that button.


Here are some quick 20-30 second video tutorials on how to install the CHATALOG button on different browsers:





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